October 2017

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This baked chocolate cheesecake delivers on taste and naughty satisfaction without all the guilt! It’s made using low fat ingredients and a little bit of naughtiness just to make it feel like your really treating yourself.


Delicious, easy to cook and cheap. The perfect Sunday Roast Dinner!

Homework Welsh Cakes My son goes to a fantastic school which specialises in special needs education. They make sure he has the best education and he loves it. He especially loves his cooking class every week. We encourage this in the house – my kids love helping out Daddy in the kitchen. This week my…

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Bread – Bloomer Loaf This recipe is pretty similar to the previous recipe I posted for homemade bread. The difference is the amount of liquid and the oil I used. Also, I sliced the bread and did not use a loaf tin in order to make the classic bloomer shape. Making bread is far cheaper…

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